Why the swaddle?

So over the last year and half, many people have asked me why on earth have I jumped into world of fabrics and why the change. Well in all honesty I am not sure there is a lot of difference. I think, just like helping people to feel empowered with mental health, I now help parents to feel empowered with products. Whilst that sounds a little off putting "empowered through a product" I shall justify my thought process. When I had my son anything that brought him a little comfort, definitely brought me a little comfort to. Why? because I knew it worked for him and it made me feel for those moments that everything was ok and he was happy and so was I. Therefore a product can definitely make you feel empowered and if does well keep using it.

I also believe in the benefits of swaddling - however I know that it does not suit every baby and not every baby will want to be swaddled. But again for me, it got my son into asleep routine and he looked cosy and comfortable. He also suffered from silent reflux, which meant that the swaddling help to settle in him. Remember when you do swaddle your baby, to make sure you don't want to do it to tight as it can cause hip dysplasia. A muslin swaddle can be so much, burping, covering whilst feeding, clearing up spit ups oh the list goes on and on.

Whilst I write about the swaddle here, we do other products such as blankets and toddler pjs. Our main aim is to bring comfort to the little people in our lives and I believe that softness and practicality matter as a parent.

 Millee Moo & You Baby Organic Muslin Swaddles and Blankets
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