Not being the favourite. Is it even a competition?

So earlier this month, we had recap on hypnobirthing and our teacher (if thats what you call it) referred to how Millen's favourite is Mummy and how this may change - more importantly how Millen may feel when baby comes. I, at this moment had to correct her and say it is in fact Daddy. It sounds crazy, but it was at this point that I realised that I am really not Millen's favourite. I have never really wanted Millen to be clingy to me.. I love it when he is independent and social But why oh why did I need a lable?Why did it bother me so much? I will tell you why.... I am the one who spend the majority of the time with him. I am the one, wakes up in the night with him (Not to say Daddy doesn't do this) I am the who feed him, who takes him to the doctor. I am also the one who does the telling off... but I also do the fun stuff, come on I even made home made play-dough. Yet, it just doesn't cut the mustard. If I just take my jealously and ego out of this and look at slightly differently then I can see how any child can favour one parent over the other slightly. So here it is, a child may feel a little bit closer to the other parent because

1. They have just that bit more energy for them. (Because when your with them all the time, it does get tiring.. you are human too) some times, fresh eyes and hands help with many things. Especially when they are so little.

2. Sometimes they are just that a bit more fun.

3. Remember they still want you for cuddles as well. Millen does occasionally want Mummy cuddle which are still as special.

4. Sometime I have to remember that we are all drawn to one person more than another.

In saying all of this, I do love watching Millen play with his Daddy. There is such a lovely bond and fantastic attachment. Which is all I can hope for.

Tell me how you feel about being the favorite or least favorite? X

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