Our Story

Our name, MILLEEMOOANDYOU, is a combination of my name, Manolee and my son's name, Millen. Over a year ago, I gave birth to a beautiful boy called Millen. My husband and I really wanted a baby and didn't know if it would happen for us and then one day those two little lines appeared and the rest is history.  When Millen was a newborn, he had a bit of reflux - which often resulted in us changing outfits and muslins all the time. One night, whilst I was feeding Millen it struck me that all the muslins that I had been using where from India, a country where my family originate from. I then began to do a lot of research around muslins and swaddles as I wanted to design and create something fun and unique for you and your little ones. Our belief is that, if we can bring a bit of comfort to your little ones, then hopefully that will bring comfort to you. We also believe that our products should be as safe for babies as possible and therefore we have made sure going forward that they will always be organic and azo free. Every one of our products has a story and reason for being part of product range. We hope that you can be a part of our journey.
With love 
 Manolee and Millen xx
 Millee Moo & You Baby Organic Muslin Swaddles and Blankets
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